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An American Tragedy


Twenty children and seven female teachers were murdered on a sunny Friday morning in December. The killer, a twenty year old white male decided to  slaughter  innocence. Much like the infamous King Herod who feared the birth of a child who would save the world and that child was Jesus!

This tragedy is of biblical proportions! How many children must be sacrificed to the God know as NRA, our contemporary Moloch  who devours our children?

While still in shock from Newtown Massacre, there is a barrage of yet more violence; 50 shots heard in the parking lot of a mall in California, another psychopath discovered with a cache of 49 guns leveling a threat at another school, and in Alabama three people shot including a 2 year-old toddler.

What is happening here? Do we need gun control? Is our mental health system a failure? Is there a crisis of masculinity? Is it violent video games? Is it the violence in movies and television? Is it economic stress? Is it the failure of parenting? Is it the food supply? Is it the psychotropic medication given to children as early age three? Is it the breakdown of social control?

IS IT THE RESULT OF A WAR CULTURE wherein sanctioned violence is allowed on the battle field?

The Killers who walk among us in everyday life view the world as a battle field. Case in point, one of us while riding the subway was threatened by a very disturbed man when she made a move to get up from her seat, he threatened, if you leave me I will kill you. Fortunately, she fled the train just as the doors shut. This is only one of many such incidents that are experienced daily by countless numbers of people.

We are describing a society in RAGE. If you get in my way I will kill you. No one talks about this. No one addresses this nor is anything effective being done. Anger management programs don’t work because in our machismo culture if you dis me I have the right to kill you.

We are stressed out, atomized and alienated from each other by fear and hatred. What has happened to empathy?

In this season of good will to all, we must begin to look into ourselves and ask how can we bring more light into the world?

Illuminate the Darkness

Illuminate the Darkness


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