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When is PC–Politically Correct?

When is 'pc' not PC?

When is ‘pc’ not PC?

We live in an age of political correctness. Every statement we make is a potential land mine that can blow up in our faces if we say the wrong thing. This reminds us of an old Abbott and Costello routine wherein Bud and Lou visit a prisoner who on first appearance seems entirely innocent and reasonable. Lou enters the jail cell and begins to converse with the guy. He talks about various things and then all of a sudden the prisoner attacks him. Perplexed, Lou writes this off as a quirk. He goes on to tell the story and once again out of the blue the man attacks him. This goes on for several takes.  By now Lou is a mangled, befuddled, mess not knowing what has triggered this insane behavior. Bud enters the cell and starts talking to the prisoner about Niagara Falls. Again the man goes berserk. The joke is that whenever anyone says Niagara Falls this guy goes nuts. 

We now live in a society where there are so many “Niagara Falls” that who knows when someone is going to go berserk on you because you said the wrong word!

Currently, we viewed the film Zero Dark Thirty. The movie contains many Niagara Falls. Critics from the left and from the right all have weighted in on the political incorrectness of this film. The left complains that it supports torture and the right responds there never was torture just doing what was required for security. The director, Katherine Bigelow was accused of being manipulative and using subliminal messages supporting a policy of human rights violations. The cultural commissars of Hollywood have now condemned her and the film as politically incorrect !

This week another Niagara Falls exploded involving a conference at Brooklyn College about Palestinian/ Israeli issues. From news reports it appears that this teach-in will include the involvement of B.D.S., a multinational lobbying group that calls for divestment, boycott and sanctions against Israel. In addition, the political science department of Brooklyn College has endorsed this so-called conference and teach-in.

The question that jumps out from the page is how can there be an academic conference wherein only one side is represented?  No groups or individuals have been invited to speak for the Israeli position.

Is this a case wherein ‘pc’ is in violation of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS?

Our understanding of political incorrectness involves the exclusion of contesting points of view. So this pseudo teach-in is trying to be so politically correct that it is incorrect!

Our examples of Zero Dark Thirty and Brooklyn College’s “teach-in” are reflections of our culture’s mass confusion of what the second amendment means–the assurance of free speech for all of us. PC SILENCES FREE EXPRESSION! 



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