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The Debate Spectacle of 2012

Place your bets

We have endured the ordeal of both the first Presidential debate and the only Vice Presidential debate. Since neither of us make up that vague group called the “undecided voter” the theatrical display of malarkey from both sides of the podium deserve the equivalent of an academy award.

The first Presidential debate garnered an audience of 51.4 million viewers and the Vice Presidential debate attracted over 50 million people.

Who can blame them for watching this spectacle; prerehearsed, confected arguments and explanations that left the viewer more confused than ever.

In many respects these faux debates another form of reality T.V. We do not see very much difference between them and Survivor or the now defunct Lost.

The moderators of these sitcoms couldn’t control their actors. They appeared just as clueless as the debaters.

We drink a toast to Joe Biden. At least, he has emotions and commitment to causes dear to his heart. He isn’t afraid of speaking out of the box. He is a man of integrity, passion and real masculinity. He’s one sexy guy!

Unlike his opponent, who bears a startling resemblance to Eddie Munster and reminds us of an altar boy who is smirking behind the priest’s back.

Mr. Munster is packaged, pomaded, and scripted to say a lot of nothing and mouth a bunch of lies.

Because he is younger and not emotional the media machine has decided that he is the more serious candidate.

When did showing fervor become an occasion for ridicule? What is happening in our culture that we have become so frightened by the display of authentic emotion.

Biden didn’t need an applause sign nor a teleprompter. He spoke from the heart out of years of dedicated public service. Ryan displayed the image of an up and coming corporate executive who was only concerned about the bottom line.

Let’s disregard all the smiles, smirks, frowns, laughing, finger wagging and get to the real issues. Of the two debates Joe Biden displayed the only real political savvy that the voter should take heed from.

When you watch the up-coming Presidential debates be impressed with sincerity and adherence to issues. We want facts and figures not empty delusions.


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