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You gotta have style: comments on Diana Vreeland-The Eye Has To Travel

Confabulating style

You gotta have style!

RUN Do Not Walk to see the fabulous documentary on Diana Vreeland, Empress of Fashion. formidable, brilliant, uncompromising, she made fashion fun.

The documentary chronicles the amazing, adventurous life of an international ORIGINAL  We are treated to interviews with of Manolo Blahnik, Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta, Yves St. Laurentis, and the inimitable Richard Avedon. similarly we hear from such famous models as Lauren Hutton, Marisa Berenson, Penelope Tree and Veruschka  who attribute their success to Vreeland.

The actress Ali G and British photographer David Bailey weigh in on Vreeland’s persona as perfectionist and slave driver.

We hear from her two sons, her grandsons as to how she was as a mother and grandmother- she certainly was no auntie Mame!

Vreeland championed STYLE. Style is the essence of a person’s individuality. She hated fashion because fashion is conformity. Things go out of fashion and are products of the market place. But style is an expression of you are and who you will be. She found beauty in style no matter how outrageous and transgressive it might be.

When she was the head of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute she launched an exhibit on eighteenth century fashions that would make Elton John drool. From twelve-foot high wigs to risqué decolletage.  This exhibit showed the world how to have fun with confected beauty.

She was a confabulist and understood our need for the imaginary and the fantastic.  Your style is your story and your story changes as does your style.

We live at a time of extreme conformity because everything is about selling. Vreeland lived in a world wherein the craft of style made your presence  known . You style commands attention because you don’t look like everybody else. Vreeland’s message to us is: Get rid of the labels on your clothing, stop advertising for others–



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2 thoughts on “You gotta have style: comments on Diana Vreeland-The Eye Has To Travel

  1. “You gotta have style: comments on Diana Vreeland-The Eye
    Has To Travel occupycultureblog” was a remarkable blog.
    However, if it possessed much more pix this would certainly be perhaps even a lot better.
    Take care ,Alyssa

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