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Republican Obscenities

The Science of Magical thinking



The Republicans have shown their true colors. They are indeed a party that hates women, cares not at all about children and despises the working class, and the working poor.

The Republican party purports to be on the side of morality, specifically, Christian values. What would Christ say when he heard Akin from Missouri state the oxymoron, legitimate rape?!

The Republicans live in the land of magical thinking.  They quote quack medical experts who state erroneous facts about women’s bodies: these idiots have come up with a theory that when a woman is raped hidden anti-spermicides spring into action and prevent pregnancy. Another Obscenity!

What puzzles us is how any woman can call herself a Republican? Perhaps the answers can be found in The Stepford Wives. For all we know all of these women are robots designed by the same scientists who brought us the idea that women have torpedo hormones that zap unwanted pregnancies!

As we did in our last blog we leave you with this question. WHAT IS TO BE DONE?!


International censorship of political Kultur

The Tsar is back! or is it Stalin? No, it’s contemporary Russia. The three women of Pussy Riot have been sentenced to 2 years hard time by a Russian court for “hooliganism” and “religious hatred.” All of this comes about because they staged guerilla theater in a Russian Orthodox cathedral.

Artists take notice. There is no intellectual or artistic freedom in the new Russia. Same old same old. Paul McCartney and Madonna have criticized the harshness of the sentencing. Even, the Russian Orthodox church has called for forgiveness and mercy.

“What is to be done?”

Support organizations like Amnesty International that is fighting for clemency.

Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your integrity!

artistic freedom denied

Adapt or Die

Human’s as control freaks and killers of natural beauty!

Both of us love the natural world but not in a romanticized way. Javs spent several days in rural upstate New York, enjoying a friends garden wherein she got stung by two bees reminding her that wildness still exists.

The culture of nature is wildness. We humans think we can control everything. Daily we are reminded that we can not. Global warming is a direct result of human of human stupidity and greed in its attempt to harness nature to our desires.

The last seven months of 2012 are the hottest in historical record.  That’s what happens when you mess with Mother Nature. A farmer who Javs spoke to near Woodstock told her that the bees this year were wilder and more ferocious than ever because of the excessive dryness and heat. He felt that they were in a perpetual sexual frenzy.

We live in Queens and the vegetation is taking on a tropical aspect. We feel we are living in Florida, only now Florida is cooler than here.

So what is the culture of nature? Adaptation! Life forms that are flexible will adapt. But what about us humans who use culture to make nature adapt to us?

Where do WE go from here?

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