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End Game: Instinct vs. Civilization!

End Game: Instinct vs. Civilization!.


End Game: Instinct vs. Civilization!

Instinct or Civilization

On Saturday 7/28, we had the pleasure of seeing a new play by Otho Eskin, Final Analysis at the June Havoc Theater (312 W. 36th St. off 8th Ave.) The action of the play takes place in 1910, Vienna. We meet Gustav Mahler, Sigmund Freud, Joseph Stalin, Alma Mahler, Ludwig Wittgenstein and a mysterious young artist at a traditional Viennese cafe.

What makes this play so timely? Final Analysis strikes a chord because the play deals with the ongoing struggle between instinct and civilization. Freud’s discussions with the failed young artist who happens to be Adolph Hitler reveal to us that for some people love is destruction.

This brings to mind the horrific events in Colorado wherein the young man calling himself, the Joker has a love affair with death and annihilation.

Not to mention our society’s love of guns all in the name of self-protection while its underside is death. Our instincts to protect ourselves at all costs errodes the very structure of civilization.

As in the play, we are in a pivotal moment of history which way do we go?

Heroes with feet of clay

Reading the most recent report exposing Penn States’s failure to confront and take action against a moral degenerate because of the millions of dollars invested in their sports culture.

There is no sportsmanship today. There is only making money no matter what or who is sacrificed to  the Gods of gold!

Who cares about the loss of innocence? Just bring in the Big Wins and Big Bucks.

The corruption of Penn State is symptomatic of our society’s slide into decadence!

Whose Living Room Is It?

What’s private–What’s public?
We live in a paradox. We’ve never had so much information available to us about each other and yet we don’t know each other at all.
Any given day you can find yourself sitting next to someone who is listening to their Ipod, earphones leaking music that you don’t want to hear.You are reading your book and your space is now invaded by someone else’s taste in music. You say “excuse me, could you please lower the volume.” The response usually goes something like this, “this is America I can do anything I want.”
Or on a bus going to work. Someones on their cell having an argument with their girlfriend or boyfriend, dropping F bombs all over the place at the top of their lungs. You ask them to keep it down and they scream, “get out of my business.”
Just two episodes of thousands of confusing messages that you are exposed to daily.
What is currently considered private and public?

Independence Day

Just how independent are we as thinkers? Are we thinking the thoughts we’ve been programmed to think? Or are we actually conscious of what goes into our thinking?

On this July 4th we are challenged to become more conscious; in so doing, we are on the road to freedom!

Why Occupy Culture Now?!

Culture has been hijacked by special interests: extremists from the left and right and corporate gatekeepers. Our mission is to interrogate and deconstruct contemporary cultural products including the arts, science, medicine, psychology, the media, politics, fashion, etc.
Our goal is to encourage our emancipation from the increasing conformity of our society.
We encourage free flowing interchange.
All communities need some basic ground rules. Ours are simple: no hate speech, no obscene language, no put downs, and no unauthorized links.

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